We are PROPAGANDA. The one of the last bastions of true Underground Black Metal. The one of the last hermits. And proud of this.

We don't aspire to "run the label" and to reach the certain status. We are far from many human aims and our activity is not regulated by modern tendencies.

Human world is weak though dangerous. But it will not extinguish our Flame. Because it's not a torch in hand, it's a spark outside us ourselves, it's a blood which nothing will be able to change.

We do it because we can't not to do it. It's a sphere of understanding of our destination and of our responsibility to this understanding.


The best you can do for us is to buy our releases somewhere on this planet. And you can sure that we'll use your money for the continuation of our activity.

Avoid our releases if you prefer the free music from internet. Our releases are not for parasites which are not able to respect themselves.


Trades are the Blood of true Underground. If you think different you don't exist for us.


We're not seeking the new artists. We're not rich and each release is an important event for us. It's not a catalogue number. It's our connection with filled void. It's a piece teared away from time and saturated with our material and spiritual efforts. We will find the worthy when are full of strength.

If anyway you have decided to bring your Art to us you need to keep in attention:
- We'll ignore all your links to social networks and other public trash. We intendly don't have accounts in all this garbage.
- We'll not arrange the tours/gigs for you. We'll not provide a big promo company in all "top-metal magazines".
- We'll not make you popular, "cult" and so on. There are another labels for this, search among them.


We don't read the press and do not monitor the publications about our releases. We’re not the review hunters and don't spend funds on the purchase of ad space. We ourselves create the Music and don't need the "guides to the world of music". Therefore, we don't know who is the next "album of month", whose face is on the cover and who is "cult" or "the best band in the history" today. Any publication, first of all, characterizes its author, but not the object of discussion.
We have a well-established, long-formed personal opinion on many things and someone's opinion is absolutely not interesting to us, even if it's competent and intelligent.