We consider necessary to explain some aspects of our activity to avoid the future waste of time on useless for us contacts. PROPAGANDA is not a label in traditional meaning of this word. What we do we define as activity. It can become useful or it can insult a someone, but it's not a participation in the common war for something or against someone. We are responsible for our deeds or its absence just before ourselves, the only law for us is we ourselves. We are not inspired by all these sheep crowds, called fronts and organizations, where nonentities strengthen among the similar ones. We give to no one a so-called "support" and don't wait for anything reciprocal. Constant changes in so-called scene, full of worms, can't influence our understanding of Black Metal essence as a destructive Force. Black Metal is not for humans, though these reptiles manipulate the values, trying to transform Black Metal into the save mission for other cockroaches, united into the race. If you are looking for the salvation, knock at the church's door. Black Metal is not a teacher of life, and it's not just a weapon against any certain system, created by humans. Black Metal is the blackening of light, destruction of all forms of life, but not a care of the planet Earth. Humans themselves don't deserve to survive after the next Apocalypse. We understand that we have to exist among all this, that's why we continue to act independently, with frenzy and dedication. We don't call you to join us, you should also act independently, though remember that your biggest enemy is you yourself. We spit out the Black Ulcer not because of something, but just because it is in our blood. We soberly understand that our life is too short for achievement any triumph, but it will never weaken us. Spreading own releases we are sure that it will never become just a set of sounds in the listener's head. It is a Poison for the weak and fresh blood for those who are going to stride throughout this damned life. Receiving from us this or that release you must understand that first of all you do it for yourself, but not for us or creator of this release. Though you should also keep in mind that any paper, sent by you (money or a "holy bible"), and other things will be used with the only purpose - continuation of our activity.


Trades are the Blood of True Underground. Fuck off everyone who tries to spoil this Blood with human shit using such cheap tricks as "not for trade/rare/kvlt/super limited...". Labels! Don't be stupid, never offer us your wholesale prices. We'll never buy anything even if it be a "luxurous digi book with 40 pages booklet" or fetish xerox tape lim. to 11 copies". If you don't want to run a distro it's just your problem, you can put your hands on the table and wait for someone who will buy your "treasure".

For those who are into the trades: we're always open for trades but it doesn't mean that we're ready to take everything you offer. Our main priority is Black Metal. Never offer us aryan/ns shit, grindcore, punk and other sounds for degenerates. If you offer the trade but we know nothing about your activity, be ready to send your package first. Never send something before the deal is confirmed. You should choose yourself what kind of shipping (registered/priority/air-mail/economy) you will use, and you should be responsible for own package (its arrival and condition of the stuff).


We are not so-called "open mind" label and not interested in "all forms of extreme music". The only valuable segment for us is Black Metal in its first and last right understanding: Black Metal must be Black. So we're always in search of new acts which cultivate Satanic, Occult and Misanthropic/Nihilistic thinking in their Art. Any kind of patriotic/humanistic shit will be ignored, also any heathen groups should not worry. Never send us your mp3, yourspace etc links. Never write us that your demo/promo received "great reviews all over the world". We know how it is made, today each schoolboy can write "reviews" and define what is "true" and what is "false".

So, if you wish to be heard by us send your music on a physical format with all necessary info (lyrics, layout etc) to the following address:

Naumchuk I.V.
p.o. box 46
54003 Ukraine


Having become acquainted closely with today's internet "kinderground" we have decided to stop the "promo" sendings. We're tired of hypocrites writing positive reviews just in the hope of further freebies. We're tired of idiots who listen to all styles of music and have a very superficial imagination about Black Metal and its essence, but who try to reason about it. So, no more gifts, don't ask! Now our releases are available only through the trade or purchase. No exceptions!